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Device solutions that power the circular economy.

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Our Apple portfolio includes the full range of mobile devices.

From Apple Certified Pre-owned (CPO), Apple factory AS IS graded and graded mobile devices. Make a difference from your local competitors and provide quality and margin across your customers.

Our Samsung portfolio includes the flagship mobile devices.



The right product and the right price.
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Network Operators


Insurance companies


OEM Certified pre-owned and AS-IS graded mobile devices.

We do hold physical stock of Official Apple Certified Preowned mobile devices. They are non-activated and carry Apple's one-year international warranty. Plus, we provide Official Apple AS IS graded mobile devices.

Graded thoroughly tested mobiles devices

We do hold physical stock of Apple thoroughly tested mobile devices. They are cosmetically graded by a robot, which makes the grading objectify once and for all—sold in reverse VAT or Marginal VAT.  


Buyback/Trade-in is no secret to us, whether it is for retail, call center, or direct to consumer. WEEE compliance routes, reporting, pricing. Forward buyback is also available for strategic accounts.

Excess and end of life inventory

We purchase from distributors, retailers, network operators, and insurance companies excess and end of life mobile devices and accessories. Optimal prices are obtained thanks to our extensive networks of buyers around the world.

A circular economy creates virtuous circles for all stakeholders.